Ensuring Your Home Elevator is Safe for You and Your Family

With the recent rise in popularity of residential elevators, you may be thinking about where one would fit in your home. Once you have an elevator in your home and use it regularly, you might begin to ask yourself how you lived without one for so long!

Yes, home elevators make our lives so much easier, but we shouldn’t forget to have them maintained regularly. It’s essential to have a professional come out to your home to perform routine maintenance on your elevator’s cab, the shaft and more. These regular elevator checkups are also great opportunities for a professional to warn you about any potential problems that might be lurking just around the corner.

Regular residential elevator maintenance is essential for making sure your elevator is safe for you and your family.

Regular Cleanings

Regular cleanings are important for maintaining the safety and overall function of your home elevator. Cleaning your elevator can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper experience, so make sure you work with a trusted elevator service company to perform your cleanings.

Typically, routine cleanings include cleaning the rails, rollers, sills and gates, pit and car top and more. It also includes lubricating the wheels, actuator, belts, chains, panels, pulleys and other moving parts of your residential elevator.

Inspections and Adjustments

All hardware — including the pieces inside the cab as well as the pieces on the outside — should be regularly inspected for any signs of damage or disrepair. Your elevator service company should check the rails inside the cab as well the emergency phone and stop switch.

In addition, all cables, wiring, batteries and other pieces vital to the elevator’s safe function should be inspected and adjusted by a trusted professional.

Maintenance Contracts

The value of having a maintenance contract with a trusted residential elevator service and installation company can’t be overstated. National Safety Standards recommends that your home elevator undergo a full maintenance every six months.

With a maintenance contract, the elevator professional you choose assumes responsibility for the performance of your elevator. Work with a company you trust to set up a regular maintenance schedule that works for you.

By far, the easier way to make sure your residential elevator is safe for you and your family is a maintenance contract with a respected elevator service company. In addition to making sure your family is safe operating your home elevator, a maintenance contract will ensure that you catch small problems before they become major safety concerns that make you unable to use your elevator, a serious problem for relatives who might depend on the elevator to safely get up and down the levels of your home.

For those in the central Arizona area, if you’re looking for a reliable and trusted home elevator company, contact Celtic Elevator. Celtic Elevator’s maintenance contract covers the essential cleanings, inspections and adjustments to ensure your elevator operates smoothly and stays safe for you and your family.

Why You Should Choose a Multistory Home

Multistory homes get a bad reputation.

When buying a home, some people avoid them implicitly. They worry about some of the “negative” aspects that real estate agents mention to buyers: they typically have more square footage because they are no staircases, they’re not ideal for people with mobility issues, they’re hard to resell because of their stairs and other supposed limitations for multistory homes.

But the truth is, multistory homes are great options for some buyers, and if you’re really interested in multistory homes, don’t let anyone discourage you!

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider a multistory home during your house hunt.

Smaller Roofs Mean Less Maintenance

One of the most significant advantages of a multistory home over a single-story one is the size of the roof.

You might be wondering what difference the roof makes, but it’s a huge aspect because the less roof you have, the less maintenance you have to worry about. When storms roll in and tear shingles off roofs, multistory homeowners have much less surface area to worry about, saving money on repairs and replacements.

Enjoy Your Yard

Since your multistory home takes up much less physical space than a similarly configured single-story home, you can really get out and enjoy your yard!

Because your square footage with a multistory home doesn’t sprawl, you can get much more out of your yard! A multistory home gives you the opportunity to put in a swing set for your children or grandchildren, plant a garden to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables or even to drop in a swimming pool. The opportunities are truly endless.

Residential Elevators Make Mobility Easy

If you’re concerned about not being able to call a multistory house your forever home because of the stairs, don’t worry! Residential elevators can make multistory houses the perfect place as you get older. Residential elevators are also great for moving furniture and other large pieces between levels, so they have an extremely practical application as well.

These home elevators are becoming much more popular, and they give you a great opportunity to add that wow factor to your home. If you’re in the central Arizona area and would like some more information about having a residential elevator installed in a multistory home, call Celtic Elevator — you’re one-stop for free elevator quotes, installations, maintenance and more!

While some people have a preference between single-story and multistory houses, for most people, it comes down to how a home’s layout is going to fit their lifestyle. If you’re interested in a multistory home, remember that most of the cons people mention can be addressed easily, giving you the home you want with all the functionality you need.

Is a Residential Elevator the Right Choice for Your Family?

Nationwide, residential elevators — ranging from small shaftless units that can be hidden almost anywhere to large and ornate lifts that are immediate attention-grabbers — are becoming much more popular and more common.

While there are a number of great reasons to install a residential elevator, perhaps the most important one is your family. If you live in a multi-generational household, your biggest consideration might be your family’s comfort level and overall wellbeing.

For many multi-generational families, residential elevators offer convenience, comfort and functionality that stairs or stair lifts simply can’t.

Convenience for your loved ones

No matter how old they are, your family will find an elevator in your home to be a huge convenience over climbing up and down stairs repeatedly. With a push of a button, a once arduous — and potentially dangerous — walk up the stairs transforms into a quick and easy ride.

And just think about the convenience of a home elevator for your four-legged members of the family, even if they can’t operate the lift! As dogs get older, it becomes harder and more painful for them to go up and down stairs, but hopping on an elevator with you will make it easier for your furry companions to keep up with you as they grow older.

Long-term security and comfort

With a residential elevator installed, you never have to worry about members of your family getting hurt on the stairs again, and it gives them the peace of mind they need to come and go around the house as they please.

It’s hard — if not impossible — to put a price tag on that kind of feeling of security and comfort in your home.

That’s a level of independence that makes it possible for our elderly parents and grandparents to be self-sufficient enough to stay in your home and not go to a senior living facility, keeping them comfortable in your home and with your family for years to come.

And with a regular maintenance contract for your home elevator, you don’t have to worry about damage from regular wear-and-tear on your unit.

Unparalleled functionality

We’ve covered how residential elevators can make your multi-generational family feel more at home and comfortable, but there’s another aspect to the equation: functionality.

Home elevators can be used for much more than taking yourself from floor to floor. Remember, they’re great for moving furniture, taking your guests’ luggage and just giving you a helping hand by lifting other heavy everyday objects. For older members of the family, taking this extra strain off their backs could be a total lifesaver.

When you’re thinking about installing a residential elevator, consider the normal questions — where will it fit, how will it fit with my design, etc. — but also consider the effect it can have on your family, especially if you live in a multi-generational household.

For those in the central Arizona area, Celtic Elevator is your one-stop for all your elevator needs, ranging from new installations to regular maintenance to elevator evaluations. Give them a call today for a free estimate on your new home elevator installation.

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Residential Elevator

So you’ve decided to purchase and install a residential elevator. Congratulations!

Deciding to install a residential elevator is a big deal, one that will make your home feel much more luxurious, increase your property’s value and make it much more convenient to go to different levels of your home.

There’s only one problem: how do you decide where you’re going to put it? Choosing the right location is essential for getting the most out of your home elevator.

Here are some things to think about when you’re picking a place to install your elevator.

Choosing a Functional Location

The physical location of your residential elevator says a lot about its functional purpose.

For example, some people pick an elevator that looks very chic and sophisticated — like an all-glass cab design — and makes a stylish statement. In that case, they want their residential elevator to be front-and-center for visitors; they want it to be the very first thing people see when they walk in, and it’s meant to be used by visitors as well.

On the other hand, some people don’t intend for everyone to use their residential elevator, and it’s meant more for functionality. For example, personal elevators can be fitted into closets, giving people the privacy they want and still letting them go from level to level with relative ease.

Choosing a location is as much about function as aesthetics.

Size Really Does Matter

When it comes to picking the right location for your residential elevator, size really does matter.

You have to consider the size of the elevator cab and shaft you’re going to purchase as well as the physical size of the space where you want to install the unit. Remember that you have to consider the size of the elevator shaft as well as the cab when you’re thinking about where to place your lift.

Some elevators are small enough to tuck away neatly into a closet, but others will require more space. Consider the size of your family, how often you’ll use the elevator and what you’re going to use it for primarily.

Shaft-Less Options Available

If you’re tight on space and have an open layout in your house, you might consider going with a shaft-less elevator option. Shaft-less elevators are great for residential use because it doesn’t require a long elevator shaft — in fact, it can fit almost anywhere in your home!

When you ride it upstairs, you simply leave the elevator upstairs until you’re ready to come back down. In the meantime, the area where the elevator was is empty — leaving your space looking open and clean.

Choosing a place for your residential elevator isn’t an easy decision, but it will make a major difference for your home and the functionality you and your family will get out of the lift.

If you’ve decided to purchase and install a residential elevator and you live in the central Arizona area, Celtic Elevator is your premier residential elevator and installation company. Give them a call today to have all your questions answered about best practices for choosing a location for your residential elevator installation.

Personal Elevators are Safer Than You Think

Getting stuck on an elevator is a classic theme in movies and TV shows, but in reality, people don’t actually get stuck on elevators that often, and if they do, the situation is usually resolved fairly quickly. In truth, elevators are often safer than stairs!

When you walk into an office building, you don’t think twice about stepping into one of the lifts at the elevator bank. In fact, it’s something that many of us do every single day without giving it a single conscious thought.

We don’t worry about the safety of the elevator — we’re just thinking about getting to our destination as quickly and conveniently as possible. But when it comes to residential elevators, hopping on one makes some people feel nervous.

The truth is, personal elevators in homes are just as safe — if not safer — than commercial elevators.

Less Wear and Tear

If you have a private elevator in your home, chances are you use it a few times a day. Compare that number of uses with that of a commercial elevator at any typical office building.

If you sit in the lobby of an office building, you’ll notice that some of the elevators seem to never stop moving. As soon as bell rings, the doors slide open and passengers start stepping off, a new group of people is waiting to get on. All this traffic causes more wear and tear for commercial elevators than residential elevators.

That wear and tear not only affects the performance of the elevator, but it also takes a toll on the carpet, the railings, and wall panels. Because you’re using it less and carrying less weight than commercial elevators, your private lift will resist some of the normal, everyday wear that happens to commercial elevators.

Regular Maintenance Agreements

Whether commercial or residential, National Safety Standards recommends that all elevators go through regular maintenance.

Elevators that go through routine maintenance will continue to be safe for you to use, whether they’re in your office or in your home. Regular maintenance includes cleaning, lubrication, and routine adjustments.

With the proper regular maintenance, your residential elevator can be even safer to use than walking down your stairs!

Backup Power

Just the thought of losing power while you’re riding up or down in your elevator is enough to scare even the most courageous among us, but backup power systems ensure that you’re never stuck in an elevator cab.

Large office buildings typically have a backup generator to keep essential electrical operations running smoothly until the power comes back on, but most people don’t have a similar backup system for their home. Residential elevators, however, are available with their own battery backup options, so you’re always able to maintain your mobility.

For those in the central Phoenix area who are thinking about installing a residential elevator or just have questions about home elevators, contact Celtic Elevator! Celtic Elevator has the experience and technological know-how to answer all your questions about residential elevator safety and what’s involved in regular maintenance. Call Celtic Elevator today!

Save Your Back with a Residential Elevator

There’s nothing worse than buying a great new piece of furniture and then suddenly realizing that you have to haul it up a flight or two of stairs. It’s a pain in the neck, and if you’re not careful, it can become a pricey pain in your back.

You can always hire movers to help you, or you can try to convince a friend to lend a hand, but a residential elevator can save you time and might even save your back!

In addition to making moving furniture a breeze, residential elevators are also great for lifting a variety of other things as well.

Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture in a multi-level house is easy with a residential elevator. Whether you need to lift a chair, sofa or even a new mattress, your home elevator makes the process much easier and safer.

If you’re planning on regularly using your residential elevator for moving heavy furniture, you should consider purchasing protective elevator pads and hardware. The protective pads hang on the interior walls of your elevator’s cab from specially designed hooks, making it easy to put up and remove them. With the protective pads properly hung, you don’t have to worry about scuffing, scratching or denting your cab’s walls. If you accidentally hit one of the walls, the protective pad absorbs the impact and preserves the wall’s finish.

Lifting Houseguests’ Luggage

Could anything be more impressive than taking your houseguests’ luggage and having them waiting in your guests’ rooms? With a home elevator, moving those bags and suitcases up and down the levels of your house is simple, and since you’re not lugging them upstairs, you’ll save your back and you won’t damage them on the steps.

If you’re hosting guests frequently, you might consider picking up a luggage cart that would make it even easier to take your guests’ bags at the door and roll them on the elevator and into their rooms.

Putting away groceries and packing boxes

On a day-to-day basis, a residential elevator can work wonders for doing simple things, like getting groceries from one level to another and moving boxes and holiday decorations from level to level.

With an elevator, you never have to worry about lugging grocery bags upstairs, potentially damaging your fruits and produce. And if you decorate your home for the holidays, taking everything up to the attic can be frustrating, but your residential elevator can make quick work of putting away your decorations. Like moving heavy furniture, though, you might want to consider purchasing some protective pads for your walls.

While having an elevator in your house is an amazing convenience for going between the levels of your home, it can also be used for a number of other things, making it possible for you to move heavy objects up and down the stairs with ease.

Installing a residential elevator isn’t too complicated, but you need to work with a team you trust to do the job correctly. For those in the central Phoenix area, Celtic Elevator is your one-stop for all your residential elevator needs and questions. Give them a call for a free quote today!