Let’s Be Adventurers!

Happy Friday!

This weekend on our adventurer series we will be going to Berlin! We will be staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel! Have you stayed there? Inside the Radisson is the Berliln Sea Life Center. The main attraction is an 82 foot cylindrical  acrylic glass aquarium. Can you guess what is at the center of this aquarium? Inside the center is a transparent glass elevator!

800px AquaDom von Oben

Photo Credit: Dellex

The aquarium is 36 feet across. This is the largest cylindrical acrylic aquairuim in the world. It holds almost 100 different species of tropical sea life. The feeding and cleaning of the aquarium is performed daily by a few divers. The price to ride the elevator is included in the admittance fee of the Sea Life Center. It takes about five minutes to ride to the top.

Aquadom Aquarium Raddison Blu 1

Photo credit: www.jebiga.com

Video credit: PomppuY

Thanks for joining me in Berlin! I hope you enjoyed the trip!