Residential Elevator Maintenance

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Does your residential elevator require maintenance?

That depends, do you want your elevator to last a long time? Do you want peace of mind that it is operating safely? Yes? Every residential elevator requires regular maintenance. The owner of Celtic Elevator, Shaun Leary, recommends a maintenance every six months. Our maintenance plans provide the highest quality and most reliable service to keep it operating at its optimal performance, in compliance, and up to the highest safety standards.

I recently bought a new car. It is shiny black, with leather interior …I am a little in love with it. During closing the dealer went over the importance of tune ups, including oil changes, tire rotations, checking fluids, etc. To get the longest life span possible of my new car, it is my responsibility to follow through with scheduling to have the tune ups done. If I don’t do these simple tune ups regularly, it will not be able to perform, and there will be expensive repairs.

This is an example, but there are many others, such as an air conditioner, a furnace, a pool. I wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on new equipment, and then forget about it. Or even think that because it is new, that it will simply work indefinitely. When it comes to elevators waiting to think about a maintenance until something breaks, can be a dangerous mistake. As the home owner it is our responsibility to ensure that our home is safe. We have young children, friends and family that visit often, it could be potentially hazardous, not to mention mortifying, to have something happen when they are in my home, simply because I was negligent on taking care of the maintenance of my home.

This is not a scare tactic. My intention is not for you to call me in a panic to schedule your maintenance. I just don’t want you to call me in a panic on Friday night when your elevator is broken …but it’s OK, you may, I will take care of you. My goal is to inform you of the importance of scheduling regular residential elevator maintenance.

Now that we have established the importance of residential elevator maintenance, you may be wondering what happens during a maintenance? A residential elevator maintenance includes an inspection of all the equipment, including but not limited to rails, rollers, doors and or gate, buttons, lights, batteries and phone. It also includes adjustments and lubrication. These are at the foundation of our maintenance plans. During a maintenance we ensure that everything is in working order, and we will identify any safety issues. Regular residential elevator maintenances keep your elevator functioning at its optimal level, as well as a proactive way to avoid high repair costs.

A properly maintained elevator will continue to enhance your lifestyle and delivers peace of mind.

Keep it running, keep it safe, and keep it maintained.

Call me today to schedule your maintenance!