Elevator Evaluations including Maintenance Services

Residential elevator Maintenance

Our main focus is and always will be service and safety

Preventative maintenance will maximize performance and it will increase the life of your equipment. National Safety Standards recommend elevators to have a full maintenance every 6 months. We service all leading elevator brands. Every maintenance we clean, lube, and inspect all of the following items:

Clean and Lube

  • Clean rails
  • Clean rollers or guides
  • Clean sills & doors/gates
  • Clean pit & car top
  • Clean cab
  • Clean door/gate contacts
  • Lube all wheels or guides
  • Lube safety actuator
  • Lube belt(s),chain(s),cable(s)
  • Lube pulleys and or bearings
  • Lube limit switch actuator plates or arms
  • Lube doors/gate mechanisms
  • Lube header or motor bearings
  • Lube interlocks
  • Lube sills
  • Lube rails (if applicable)

Inspect and adjust

  • Hardware holding rails to wall
  • Bracket bolts holding rail
  • Normal & final limit switches
  • Door/gate lock assemble & alignment
  • Any hydro oil leaks
  • Slack cable/chain device & safety switch
  • Emergency phone, stop switch & alarm
  • Valve & piston adjustment/alignment
  • Cab/platform level (all directions)
  • Selector & magnet alignment
  • All Carriage support bars , spacers, roller or guides
  • All run control contacts
  • Trailing cables/bus bars
  • Faults in controller, loss wires or poor connections
  • Cable(s) or chain(s) tension & alignment
  • All batteries & charging systems

Residential elevator Evaluation

Our main focus is and always will be service and safety

A Residential Elevator Evaluation is for anyone who is buying or selling a home, or realtor listing a home that has an existing a home elevator or dumb waiter. We offer a safety evaluation of the equipment free of charge. We will give you a short report of anything that may be needed. We do this because we care about safety. Contact us to set up an appointment for a Residential Elevator Evaluation.


  • Door Locks
  • Stop Switches
  • Gate Switches
  • Main Slack Cable Switches
  • Emergency Lowering
  • Battery Lighting
  • Check for lack of maintenance

Evaluation cont…

  • Worn Rollers
  • Worn Guides
  • Proper Set Backs on Doors
  • Elevator Shaft Cleanliness
  • Provide Update Recommendations
  • Full Overview By an Expert Elevator Technician