About Us

We are a Residential Elevator Installation and Service Company

reputation matters

We are continually looking to better our systems, ourselves and our company as a whole to make sure we are offering the very best in customer service. We are committed to providing quality services to our clients. We believe that a reputation for honest and reliable service is the recipe for success.

who we are

In 2010 Celtic Elevator was born! Our founder Shaun Leary was tired of seeing the lack of service commitment to clients in Arizona and believed they deserve better, so Celtic Elevator was formed. Because Shaun grew up in a service minded accessibility company in Upstate New York ran by his parents, he knew he had the skills to create a company here in Arizona that could outshine the competition when it came to servicing clients.

We will continue to put key people in positions to continue providing the very best for our customers. We believe that a reputation of honest and reliable work will continue to propel us into great growth as people and as a company.


Feel free to give us a call or email to set up your first appointment. We would be happy to talk with you.

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