Is it safe for small children?

It is alway recommended for children to be accompanied by an adult when using the home elevator but if the elevator is installed properly to code it is safe.

Why do I need a phone line?

Yes, All home elevators are required by code to have a working phone in the elevator.

How many people can fit inside the elevator?

15square feet is the maximum allowed size of a home elevator. With a 950 lbs capacity and will easily accommodate 4 – 200lbs people

Who do I call if I’m stuck inside?

Our phone # is listed on the capacity tage on all our elevators and we have an emergence after hours line for after hours calls. We also recommend having a friend or neribors phone # listed in the elevator that has access to your home incase of such a emergency.

If I am stuck inside, how do I get myself out?

The chance of actually being stuck in a home elevator is very slim. However, most gates on the elevator can be opened and there are emergency lock releases on the door and emergency key to access the elevator from the outside if need be.

Is my warranty transferable? Both standard warranty and maintenance?

Yes, Most all warranties and maintenance plans are transferable with Celtic Elevator and our Manufacturers.

How often should my UPS (Battery Backup Systems) be replaced?

These systems should be replaced every 2 years. They are back up systems and surge protectors for the electronics of your home elevator.

What are the common parts that need to be replaced?

Batteries and battery back us systems are the most common replaced parts.

Why is my elevator beeping?

Most time when you hear a beeping or a screeching noise that is a sign that your battery back us system need a battery replace, the system replaces or that your elevator has lost power and is using battery back up.

Do I have a warranty?

Yes, All home elevators have a warranty. It varies by manufacturer but Celtic elevator offers a lifetime warranty when you pick our full service warranty maintenance package. As long as you stay on that plan you are covered.

What is the speed of the elevator?

The elevator speed is 40 feet per min and that is the maximum allowed by code for a home elevator.

What are the maintenance or inspection requirements?

The initial inspection by the state or city jurisdictions is the only inspection required after instal (At this time)l. Maintenance is not required however it is stated in the National Safety Standards the all equipment the carries passengers between floors have maintenance (safety check) completed every 6 months. And is highly recommended by Celtic Elevator.

How long will it last?

Home elevators can last a lifetime when properly maintained. They are very much like a car but used a lot less.

Will a wheelchair fit in it?

Depending on the size of your elevator a standard wheelchair will fit just fine.

What type of drive system is it?

We use traction and a winding drum system. However there are chain and sprocket drives, hydraulic, pneumatic and the systems we use are the most common.

What happens when the power goes out?

Our elevators all come with emergency lighting and a battery backup system that allow the elevator to safely descend to a lower floor.

Can the doors be opened when the elevator is not there?

No.  There are safety lock the only allows the elevator shaftway doors to be unlocked when the elevator is at the floor.