Riding a public elevator is a common, everyday occurrence for millions of people around the country. By necessity, elevators are relatively small spaces. That makes your manners really important. But too many people make the same five elevator etiquette mistakes. The next time you step on an elevator, make sure you avoid doing these five things.

5. Taking the Elevator Up Less Than 3 Flights

This is — perhaps — the most common elevator mores on the list. If you’re only going up three flights or less, just take the stairs. Unless you have a serious medical condition that prevents you from climbing a couple flights of stairs, avoid the temptationg to just hop on the elevator.

Skipping the elevator will get your heart pumping — but not too much — and it won’t annoy all the passengers in the elvator who are trying to get five, ten or maybe even 20 stories up.

4. Chatting Loudly On Your Cell Phone

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, “Okay, I might lose you. I just stopped on the elevator.”

Wrap up your conversation and hang up with cell phone before you step on the elevator and the doors close. It’s almost inevitable that your call is going to get dropped, and your endless streak of “Hello?” isn’t going to help you make friends with your fellow passengers.

It’s a short ride. Put your cell phone away and enjoy the elevator music.

3. Standing in the Way

Okay, okay. Everybody on the elevator gets it: you don’t want to lose your standing place near the door. But when people are trying to get around you, simply shuffling to the side usually isn’t enough. When you move to the side, you’ve probably just invaded the personal space of other passengers, and you’re still in the way. Stepping to the side is more of an empty gesture than a legitimate courtesy.

When you’re in a crowded elevator, the appropriate and polite thing to do is to step out of the cab and wait for everyone to get off. For extra credit, hold the door open and flash a genuine smile to the passengers exiting the cab.

2. Squeezing In

So you’ve waited in line and now the elevator doors open, but it’s totally full. What do you do? Squeeze yourself in, of course!

In squeezing yourself in, you’ve not only made yourself a social pariah but you’ve also made everyone else’s ride that much more uncomfortable. Just because the doors can close doesn’t mean you should force yourself in. Think of the people near the back of the elevator, the people you’ve just pushed up against the wall of the cab.

Even if you’re running late, if the elevator is filled to capacity, be polite and wait for the next elevator — or climb the stairs.

1. Ignore Everyone Else

We’re not suggesting that you try to have a long conversation with your fellow passengers, but we are suggesting that a quick “Hello” or “Good morning” can go a long way. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being ignored, and the situation on elevators is usually awkward anyway, so be polite and act like a normal human being. It’s not as tough as you’d think!

Even if you’re guilty of one or more of these elevator faux pas, it’s not too late to change your ways! The next time you hop on an elevator, be courteous and think of your fellow passengers. The elevator-riding world will thank you.

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