Multistory homes get a bad reputation.

When buying a home, some people avoid them implicitly. They worry about some of the “negative” aspects that real estate agents mention to buyers: they typically have more square footage because they are no staircases, they’re not ideal for people with mobility issues, they’re hard to resell because of their stairs and other supposed limitations for multistory homes.

But the truth is, multistory homes are great options for some buyers, and if you’re really interested in multistory homes, don’t let anyone discourage you!

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider a multistory home during your house hunt.

Smaller Roofs Mean Less Maintenance

One of the most significant advantages of a multistory home over a single-story one is the size of the roof.

You might be wondering what difference the roof makes, but it’s a huge aspect because the less roof you have, the less maintenance you have to worry about. When storms roll in and tear shingles off roofs, multistory homeowners have much less surface area to worry about, saving money on repairs and replacements.

Enjoy Your Yard

Since your multistory home takes up much less physical space than a similarly configured single-story home, you can really get out and enjoy your yard!

Because your square footage with a multistory home doesn’t sprawl, you can get much more out of your yard! A multistory home gives you the opportunity to put in a swing set for your children or grandchildren, plant a garden to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables or even to drop in a swimming pool. The opportunities are truly endless.

Residential Elevators Make Mobility Easy

If you’re concerned about not being able to call a multistory house your forever home because of the stairs, don’t worry! Residential elevators can make multistory houses the perfect place as you get older. Residential elevators are also great for moving furniture and other large pieces between levels, so they have an extremely practical application as well.

These home elevators are becoming much more popular, and they give you a great opportunity to add that wow factor to your home. If you’re in the central Arizona area and would like some more information about having a residential elevator installed in a multistory home, call Celtic Elevator — you’re one-stop for free elevator quotes, installations, maintenance and more!

While some people have a preference between single-story and multistory houses, for most people, it comes down to how a home’s layout is going to fit their lifestyle. If you’re interested in a multistory home, remember that most of the cons people mention can be addressed easily, giving you the home you want with all the functionality you need.