So you’ve decided to purchase and install a residential elevator. Congratulations!

Deciding to install a residential elevator is a big deal, one that will make your home feel much more luxurious, increase your property’s value and make it much more convenient to go to different levels of your home.

There’s only one problem: how do you decide where you’re going to put it? Choosing the right location is essential for getting the most out of your home elevator.

Here are some things to think about when you’re picking a place to install your elevator.

Choosing a Functional Location

The physical location of your residential elevator says a lot about its functional purpose.

For example, some people pick an elevator that looks very chic and sophisticated — like an all-glass cab design — and makes a stylish statement. In that case, they want their residential elevator to be front-and-center for visitors; they want it to be the very first thing people see when they walk in, and it’s meant to be used by visitors as well.

On the other hand, some people don’t intend for everyone to use their residential elevator, and it’s meant more for functionality. For example, personal elevators can be fitted into closets, giving people the privacy they want and still letting them go from level to level with relative ease.

Choosing a location is as much about function as aesthetics.

Size Really Does Matter

When it comes to picking the right location for your residential elevator, size really does matter.

You have to consider the size of the elevator cab and shaft you’re going to purchase as well as the physical size of the space where you want to install the unit. Remember that you have to consider the size of the elevator shaft as well as the cab when you’re thinking about where to place your lift.

Some elevators are small enough to tuck away neatly into a closet, but others will require more space. Consider the size of your family, how often you’ll use the elevator and what you’re going to use it for primarily.

Shaft-Less Options Available

If you’re tight on space and have an open layout in your house, you might consider going with a shaft-less elevator option. Shaft-less elevators are great for residential use because it doesn’t require a long elevator shaft — in fact, it can fit almost anywhere in your home!

When you ride it upstairs, you simply leave the elevator upstairs until you’re ready to come back down. In the meantime, the area where the elevator was is empty — leaving your space looking open and clean.

Choosing a place for your residential elevator isn’t an easy decision, but it will make a major difference for your home and the functionality you and your family will get out of the lift.

If you’ve decided to purchase and install a residential elevator and you live in the central Arizona area, Celtic Elevator is your premier residential elevator and installation company. Give them a call today to have all your questions answered about best practices for choosing a location for your residential elevator installation.