There’s nothing worse than buying a great new piece of furniture and then suddenly realizing that you have to haul it up a flight or two of stairs. It’s a pain in the neck, and if you’re not careful, it can become a pricey pain in your back.

You can always hire movers to help you, or you can try to convince a friend to lend a hand, but a residential elevator can save you time and might even save your back!

In addition to making moving furniture a breeze, residential elevators are also great for lifting a variety of other things as well.

Moving Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture in a multi-level house is easy with a residential elevator. Whether you need to lift a chair, sofa or even a new mattress, your home elevator makes the process much easier and safer.

If you’re planning on regularly using your residential elevator for moving heavy furniture, you should consider purchasing protective elevator pads and hardware. The protective pads hang on the interior walls of your elevator’s cab from specially designed hooks, making it easy to put up and remove them. With the protective pads properly hung, you don’t have to worry about scuffing, scratching or denting your cab’s walls. If you accidentally hit one of the walls, the protective pad absorbs the impact and preserves the wall’s finish.

Lifting Houseguests’ Luggage

Could anything be more impressive than taking your houseguests’ luggage and having them waiting in your guests’ rooms? With a home elevator, moving those bags and suitcases up and down the levels of your house is simple, and since you’re not lugging them upstairs, you’ll save your back and you won’t damage them on the steps.

If you’re hosting guests frequently, you might consider picking up a luggage cart that would make it even easier to take your guests’ bags at the door and roll them on the elevator and into their rooms.

Putting away groceries and packing boxes

On a day-to-day basis, a residential elevator can work wonders for doing simple things, like getting groceries from one level to another and moving boxes and holiday decorations from level to level.

With an elevator, you never have to worry about lugging grocery bags upstairs, potentially damaging your fruits and produce. And if you decorate your home for the holidays, taking everything up to the attic can be frustrating, but your residential elevator can make quick work of putting away your decorations. Like moving heavy furniture, though, you might want to consider purchasing some protective pads for your walls.

While having an elevator in your house is an amazing convenience for going between the levels of your home, it can also be used for a number of other things, making it possible for you to move heavy objects up and down the stairs with ease.

Installing a residential elevator isn’t too complicated, but you need to work with a team you trust to do the job correctly. For those in the central Phoenix area, Celtic Elevator is your one-stop for all your residential elevator needs and questions. Give them a call for a free quote today!