Walking into a corporate office building, you hear the familiar whooshing sound of big, bulky elevators lifting people at high speeds up to different levels of the building and bringing them back down, and their stainless steel automatic sliding doors and matching control panels.

In the corporate setting, commercial elevators have an established look and feel, but if you’re looking for a residential elevator for your home, your options are virtually endless!

Home elevators don’t have to look like familiar commercial elevators at all. Residential elevators are available in a wide range of sizes, designs and finishes, so you can personalize your new residential elevator to fit your unique style and the other furnishing in your home.

Selecting Your Size

When considering a residential elevator purchase, size is often the most important thing to keep in mind. The size you choose will depend heavily on where you would like to place your residential lift, what you plan on using the lift for and the size of your family.

For some people, their residential elevator is the centerpiece of the foyer, quickly and conveniently moving houseguests and their luggage up and down several flights. For others, their home elevator is tucked away in a closet space, making it easy for people to remain self-sufficient without drawing too much attention to the elevator.

 Finding the Right Finish

Your new residential elevator’s finish will say a lot about your own personal tastes, and it’s an opportunity to connect your home elevator with your home’s unique aesthetic style.

If you’re interested in a traditional wooden cab, be sure that whenever you’re getting your free estimate from an elevator company, you verify that their elevators are made from real, solid wood — not particle board or veneer. Whether you choose maple, oak or cherry, real wood is beautiful and much more beautiful than particle board.

While flat brushed stainless steel handrails and light fixture options are common in commercial elevators, there are many other options available. You can choose from a range of finish options, shapes and materials.

For your handrail, choose either a flat or tubular shape and choose a wood or metal construction. For metal handrails, you have brushed, black, brushed bronze and antique bronze finishes to choose from. Your hall and car fixtures should match your handrails.

 Typically, residential elevators are available in single and double openings, and elevator manufacturers make home elevators with a wide variety of door types, including accordion gates, sliding doors, glass walls and more.

 Deciding on a Design

Chances are, most of the elevators you’ve taken a ride in have been big square boxes, and while that design works well for office and apartment buildings, considering a more aesthetically-pleasing design for your home can add an interesting and attractive addition to your home’s interior design.

Traditional box-shaped elevators are still very popular for residences, but if you’re interested in a more modern design, consider glass designs.

Square, octagonal and tube-shaped glass residential elevators are beautiful and allow for natural light to pass through them without making your space feel small, and they offer 360-degree views of your home as they ride up and down the levels of your home.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing an elevator for your home, you have a lot of options for personalizing your residential lift and making it your own. When you work with an elevator company you trust, you can feel confident that your home elevator will be a reflection of you and your personal style.

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