Residential Elevators

by jeramiah, April 17, 2015

Services: Residential Elevators

At Celtic Elevator we install new residential elevators that we support, service and maintain.

Increase Your Home Value

Research shows that homes with elevators will command a greater resale value and quicker sale than those without. If the subsequent buyer does not need or want an elevator, the unit can be used for storage or act as a dumb waiter to move goods between floors.

Safety Doors

All elevator doors use a CSA/UL approved electromechanical interlock for the ultimate in safety. This systems uses an electrical switch as well as a mechanical lock to ensure that the door is closed and locked properly before the elevator cab departs from the floor. This also ensures that no elevator doors can be opened unless the elevator cab is at the appropriate landing.

Residential Elevators

No Power, No Problem

In the event of a power-outage, the elevator’s battery backup will allow the cab to descend to any lower levels by pressing the desired floor button. The unit also has a manual lowering device on the power/pump unit. If assistance is required, each model is equipped with an emergency telephone.

Safe for Children to Operate

Although we highly recommend adult supervision for younger users, once trained, the unit is completely safe for persons of any age.

Inexpensive Operation

National safety standards recommend maintenances every 6 months. Maintenance costs are reasonable. We offer different maintenance agreements to fit most budgets. The elevator consumes power at a rate similar to any other household appliances.

Long Lasting & Reliable

Our elevators are designed and manufactured with commercial grade components for high traffic use.

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