If you’re someone who likes aesthetic but also loves the value and convenience that a residential elevator brings to your home, we’re excited to introduce you to the Savaria Vuelift, which flawlessly combines both functionality and design.

Unlike other lifts, the Vuelift elevator does not need a hoist way, so it can be installed into your existing home or added easily into an active renovation. The elevator itself can also fit through hallways, doorways, and up staircases with no extra equipment required. It’s truly the mark of convenience. While a 4″ pit is recommended, Vuelift can be installed without a pit and with a small ramp or short step into the elevator at the lower level – and can be configured for travel up to 42.5 feet with as many as six stops.

Key features

  • Automatic operation
  • Illuminated push-button hall call stations
  • Bifold cab gate
  • Balcony attachment or through-the-floor setup
  • Integrated touch-pad phone
  • Automatic on/off LED cab light
  • Textured semi gloss black powder-coat frame

Optional features

  • Panoramic cab ceiling
  • White, silver, or custom powder-coat frame color
  • Straight through or 90 degree entry/exit configurations
  • Pitless with short ground floor ramp (acrylic only)
  • Up to 6 stops

The Vuelift has beautiful visual appeal that would make it an excellent design feature in your home

The Vuelift boasts 360-degree-views with clear acrylic (840 lb capacity) or low-iron silica glass (up to 950 lb capacity). The octogonal prism design is reminiscent of a multi-faceted crystal – a sleek, modern centerpiece for your home.

The Vuelift is also completely customizable. The metal portions of the Vuelift are powder-coated to virtually any color you’d like, which means that you can choose what best suits your home: a seamless integration or a pop of color for contrast and character.

Are elevators in the home are dangerous, expensive, and impractical?

Absolutely not. In fact, safety is guaranteed & maintenance is minimal. With the Vuelift, there are no corners cut. All the parts go by (or even beyond) the most strenuous safety regulations to ensure you and your family stay safe.

A hidden cost with a home elevator is always maintenance. Every machine in your home will need to be maintained if you want it performing at 100%, but some home elevators definitely require more than others. The Vuelift is energy-efficient, and it just uses two heavy-duty cables to lift you up and down. The minimalism used in both the visual and structural design of the Vuelift means that you need very little maintenance to ensure you a product that will last for years.

Safety features

  • Emergency battery back-up for cab lighting and lowering
  • Manual lowering
  • Emergency alarm and stop switch
  • Over-speed governor
  • Safety brakes
  • Elevator door interlocks
  • In-use indicator lights on hall call stations

Where can I get a Vuelift Elevator?

The price of your elevator depends on your home, so contact us at Celtic Elevators to so we can provide you with a thorough consultation and estimate. If you’re looking for an elevator that has both style and substance, check out the Vuelift. It will be the centerpiece of your home for a long time to come.

Check out the full brochure for the Savaria Vuelift here.