Why Celtic Elevator ?

In 2010 Celtic Elevator Service was born! Our founder Shaun Leary was tired of seeing the lack of service commitment to clients in Arizona and believed they deserve better, so Celtic Elevator was formed. With Shaun growing up in a service minded accessibility company back in New York ran by his parents he knew he had the ability to create a structure to make his goals of a better service company come true. That goal is to continue to bring the highest levels of service to their clientele.

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” Shaun is a great guy. He installed stair lifts in my new house in Tucson before we moved in from Atlanta. He did an excellent job and his prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend this company.”


Whitney N. 

 Tucson, AZ

“They are the best in the business, and we’ve been using home elevator companies for years. The owner Shaun is an expert in the field, and it is so apparent from his knowledge and attention to every detail of the system and more.”


Laurie V.

 Scottsdale, AZ

“Excellent service and the owners are very friendly! I would recommend Celtic Elevators to anyone in need of an in-home elevator.”


Ryan Scully

 Scottsdale, AZ


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