LU/LA Commercial Elevators

by jeramiah, June 8, 2015

LULA_Design_Guide_Rev08-2013At Celtic Elevator we install new commercial elevators that we support, service and maintain.

The Cambridge Elevating Journey Limited-Use/Limited-Application Commercial Elevator is designed to service schools, libraries, low rise commercial buildings, churches and multi-family housing. Custom cab sizes and various finish options allows your LU/LA elevator to blend into the surrounding decor seamlessly. Using a state-of-the-art hydraulic drive system and controls, our LU/LA provides safe, reliable, smooth and quiet operation. Modern fixtures and robust equipment makes the Journey LU/LA the longest lasting choice.

The Savaria Orion elevator provides accessibility in commercial applications under the Limited Use/Limited Application code. Well-suited for schools, places of worship and other public buildings for up to three stories, the Orion is an industry mainstay. The fully automatic operation with two-speed sliding doors can service up to 6 stops and can be configured to meet ADA guidelines. Less costly than a full passenger elevator, with space-saving construction requirements, the Savaria Orion is a value-packed choice

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